fit for life

Climb mountains. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Dance like no one's watching. Cycle to work. Keep up with your kids. Escape your computer. Look and feel great!

Be fit and choose your own adventures with your new personal trainer in Portland, Oregon.

Who's Alissa?

Alissa Lesperance holds certifications through ACE for Personal Training, YogaFit, Rock Tape FMT (Functional Movement Taping) and Schwinn Cycle. She's been helping clients achieve their personal best for over 10 years. As an avid aerialist, rock climber, cyclist and yogi with a history of body building, she brings a holistic, well rounded approach to her teaching.

She began her fitness career in 2005 on Cape Cod where she taught belly dance and competed in the Figure division of body building. In 2007 she moved to Vail, CO to pursue her love of snowboarding where she trained and taught classes at the Vail Cascade Resort. She traveled to India for 3 months to study yoga and traditional dance. Living in Portland, Oregon for the past decade, she has found her home actively perusing her love of aerial circus, rock climbing, hiking, yoga and dance.

Fitness is about so much more than endless repetition at the gym. It is about realizing your goals, finding ways to move your body that you enjoy and training to be your personal best. Alissa provides the support, guidance and knowledge to help you experience your full health, happiness and vitality.

  • Personal Trainer of the Year- Northwest Personal Training 2009
  • Guest Presenter at the Northwest Fitness Forum 2010, 2011

Book a personal and private session

Don't have a full hour or want some personal attention? Block out dedicated time each week. Contact me to book 30-90 minutes within the following time slots.

Mon 6am - 10am and 1pm - 5pm
Tues 2pm - 8pm
Wed 5:30am - 2pm
Thrs 5:30am - 2pm
Fri 5:30am - noon

Join a class

Contact Alissa for her current class schedule.

BOOM class at Portland Team Fitness Thursdays at 8:30am. Portland Team Fitness classes require a class package to be purchased through

Vinyasa Yoga via the Oregon Community Foundation corporate program on Wednesdays.


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